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Explore 311 Service Requests

Welcome to the Interactive 311 Dashboard. This is where you can explore what is being requested through 311 and find out how the City is responding to those requests. If you want to submit a request, find the status of your request or learn more about 311, please visit the 311 Homepage.

311 Service Request Dashboard

Interested in what services citizens are requesting through 311 and how well the City responds? Use the tabs and filters to explore.

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311 Service Request Map

Find out where 311 Service Requests are being reported and which locations get the most requests.


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How to Use

The 311 Performance Dashboards include all publicly available service requests filed in the LAGAN and Chameleon (animal control) systems for the City of Houston's 311 service within the time frame defined for each visualization. The Dashboards include several different visualizations broken up into the various categories. There is a listing of tabs at the top of each category to highlight the different visualizations available. Each visualization includes numerous input controls (drop-downs, text boxes, etc.) that can be adjusted. Data is refreshed monthly; the max value on the Service Request Received filter is the last time data was refreshed.

Create a visualization you like? If you create a visualization you like and want to share, click on one of the "Share" buttons below the visualization to get a permalink to the visualization with all of your input selections stored.
Want to reset the visualization? Select too many filters and have no idea how to get back to the beginning? Click the "Reset" button at the bottom of the visualization to reset the dashboard.
Want more details for a particular data point? Find a data point you like and want to see the underlying data? Click on the data point and when the pop-up menu appears click the "View Data" button (the graphic next to the Exclude button). A new window will open with the summarized measure displayed; at the top you can click on the "Underlying tab". You can do the same thing for multiple data points by 1) highlighting a bunch of points using your mouse to click and drag over an area of point or 2) holding the "Ctrl" button and clicking on various points. Once you have your data points selected, hover over one of the selected data points and click the "View Data" button as above.
Need to export the underlying data for a visualization? Filter your visualization to sub-set of data that you now want to export? Click on the export button at the bottom of the visualization (next to the rewind button) and select "Data" from the menu. A new will window open and that will have an open to export the summarized data; alternatively, you can click on the "Underlying tab" to export the underlying data.